Cwork 2018 v9.1.2

Keywords: Cwork, dnc, monitoring, innovation, version

Date: 30 May 2018

Writer: Vivian BOEHLY

The new version of CWORK 2018 v9.2 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here.


New features


  • Compatibility with the new Siemens 840D SL in FTP protocol.
  • New option to automatically remove programs sended from CNet DNC


  • New web dashboard for big screen.

Install automatically with the software.

Customizable graphically.

Using our production API.



  • The password for accessing the database is now hidden in the configuration wissard.


  • The multi-channel editor supports synchronization with codes that repeat several times.
  • Programs that are restricted to a machine are no longer displayed during an FTP listing.
  • The compression tool in the program editor now ignores the contents of comments and deletes empty lines.
  • During a massive manual import of programs, the user now has the opportunity to make a globla choice for the processing of already existing files in the database.


  • Replacing the year period in the production monitoring.
  • First forced reading of OPC UA tags before subscsription to value changes (For the Moxa AOPC UA server which does not provide the first values).
  • Default reports are directly usable and pre-configured in the production options.
  • Productivity reports are now available in English and loaded automatically according to installation language.



  • Fixed rights problems when changing language from the software.


  • Fixed a malfunction when receive file the same name as a folder (on NFS, FTP and Remote protocols).
  • Fix some mulfunctions on the change of machines from the folder tree, when there are machines with Remote protocol.