CWORK 2021 v9.5.1

Date : 27 April 2021

The new version of CWORK 2021 v9.5.1 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here




  • The MASTER user now has his own GRP_MASTER group


  • Improved performance of deletion from recycle bin

  • It is now possible to delete documents using the keyboard (DEL key)

  • Improved German translations of program library column headers



  • Correction of a set of anomalies associated with the renaming of the administrator group and authentication in MASTER mode


  • Correction of an anomaly triggering errors on actions on a multi-selection of documents

  • Fixed an anomaly returning the user to the library when applying a filter on the recycle bin

  • Correction of a regression on the certification of documents in multi-selection


  • Fixed an anomaly in CNetProd triggering an error when closing the application

  • Correction of an anomaly on the Excel export in the case where the destination file already exists

  • Correction of an anomaly in the collection of the program number via the FOCAS protocol