CWORK 2019 v9.3.2

Date: 05 August 2019

The new version of CWORK 2019 v9.3.2 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here.




  • Added in-app configurable notifications.
  • Software with a version number lower than that of the license server will no longer be blocked


  • The editor's compression tool no longer considers comments.
  • CNet has a new option to disable password entry on the "Save All" button.


  • The CPROD engine now supports the FOCAS function 'statinfo_aut'.
  • It is possible to change the machine state thanks to a new API resource '/ status_history'.
  • It is now possible to configure multiple production reports for the same period.
  • Order and job names are synchronized to the API and software



  • Fixed a bug allowing the start of a job not assigned to a machine.
  • Fixed a bug causing a duplication of colorization profiles.
  • Fixed a memory leak on the '/ Send' resource of the DNC API engine.
  • Fix API engine crash when submitting over 50 queries on '/ Send' resource.
  • Adding a missing label in the SMB Client options.
  • Fixed an error on the resource '/ Send' if the document belongs to another machine in the group.
  • The API documentation contains the list of protocols compatible with '/ Send' and '/ DeleteRemoteRange' resources.
  • Fixed a bug that opened an empty version window when the editor is closed in multi-windowed mode.
  • The program index no longer loses its value in the editor when saving and moving the mouse.


  • Date and time are now correctly passed to custom reports.
  • Fixed a bug in the chronograph that does not display the start date of orders.