CWORK 2022 v9.6.2

Date : 04 August 2022

The new version of CWORK 2022 v9.6.2 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here





  • Finalization of OPC-UAcompatibilityon SIEMENS 840D (authentication and acceptance of certificates ok)



  • Improved error feedback in the case where two CNCs use the same FTP login and password

  • RS232 send filters are nowapplied to concatenated sends

  • Addition of the user name on the traceabilityon document during the manual import of a version

  • Introduction of a keyboard shortcut to trigger manual import

  • Improved listing of programs and folders via FOCAS on newgeneration Fanuc CNCs


  • Improved displayperformance of the current programon thumbnails on a large installation



  • Fixed a translation anomaly where some yes/no buttons were not displayed in the user's language

  • Fixed an anomaly in the configuration wizard triggering the migration when the target folder has an unknown version number


  • Fixed a file size detection anomaly of a new version downloaded by a Mazak SmoothC CNC in FTP

  • Correction of an anomaly in the representation of the selection in the program comparator


  • Fixed various anomalies in machine time accounting in matrix view

  • Correction of an anomaly preventing the selection of a personalized period straddling several months

  • Correction of an anomaly around the collection of user registers via the FOCAS protocol

  • Correction of an anomaly around the collection of alarms via the LSV2 protocol on CNC HEIDENHAIN