A programming interface

CWORK API PROD is a programming interface for developers.

CWORK API PROD allows to present the collected data.

CWORK API PROD is for developers or customers with development skills.

Web interface realisation

Example of implementation by an integrator of a php solutions with CWORK API PROD for several supports.

This interface makes it possible to follow the current states, the chronology, the indicators in real time, to make the declarations of the stops, the expectations, the incidents.

This interface also makes it possible to declare the manufacturing orders in progress and the start and end of the order of operation.

Video of presentation of the monitoring solution developed by a partner in connection with CWORK PROD.

Indicators on CWORK API PROD

The performance indicators present now directly in the software are also disseminated through CWORK API PROD.

The web dashboard CWORK BOARD now displays real-time machine performance.

CWORK API PROD Documentation

CWORK API PROD allows the connection for your softwares of your workshop due to its standard communication format in JSON and its open protocol. It has a complete and technical help for developers.

CWORK API PROD evolves at the same time as CWORK PROD.

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