CWORK is the software aligned with the Industry of the Future

A new interface for CWORK.

We completely remodeled CWork to make it easier to use and more clear.

The management interface of your Workshop

CWORK DNC is a communication software for machine tools.

CWORK DNC allows the transfer of your machining programs to your digital orders.

CWORK DNC is specially designed for program management and traceability.

CWORK DNC is used in the following sectors: Military, Aerospace, Medical, Watchmaking, General mechanics.....

The autonomy of operators

CWORK DNC is used to load a program into the CNC memory directly from the machine tool console.

CWORK DNC prevents errors in handling from a computer.

CWORK DNC does not have queues for sending files.

CWORK DNC allows passing mode if the machine memory is too small to contain the entire code lines of the program.

User profile

A user profile allows to customise the working interface according to the rights.

It allows you to record the actions of the profile in an event log.

The definition of user profile rights is customisable.

Your network machine tools

CWORK NET DNC is a program transfer module that allows

CNC machines with a Window interface to communicate through the Ethernet network with the CWORK DNC software.

CWORK NET DNC is directly installed on the machine tools.


CWORK NET DNC allows the backup and synchronisation of a file or complete directory.

Easy configuration

A simple and intuitive interface for the creation of new machine tools to connect.

CWORK DNC has a library of machines already set up.

The transfer of machining programs

CWORK DNC allows you to interact with all the protocols of the machine tools of the ISO market - MAZAK-BROTHER - HEIDENHAIN - SIEMENS...

It is possible to use CWORK DNC with several modes of communication:

RS232 to RS232 mode wired or Wifi connection.

Ethernet mode to RS232 wired or Wifi connection.

Ethernet mode to Ethernet wired or Wifi connection.

Program management

Management of programs by customers, parts, phases, directories...

Management of the statuses and indexes on the programs is possible.

Storage of data in an Access database, PostgreSQL, Oracle...

Adding various documents in all standard Windows formats.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Transfer of programs

Program traceability functions meet current ISO standards.

CWORK DNC automatically imports a machining file generated by the FAO in order to make it directly available to machine operators.

CWORK DNC can operate in Client-Server mode with floating licenses for supervised workstations.

The working directory can be deported on the server as well as the various communications driving forces.

Life cycle of a machining program

The life cycle of a machining program in this video.


Example of traceability of an open machining file with a Mazatrol editor.

It is possible to choose a MAZATROL editor and link it with CWORK DNC.

The traceability of the files will be taken into account according to the MAZATROL editor chosen by the client.

Specific development

CWORK API DNC and CWORK API PROD Is a programming interface for developers.

You have skills in PHP, Java script...

You will be able to use CWORK API DNC or CWORK API PROD to make your own interface in connection with our software. Read more

Comparison of programs

A comparison of the machining programs is possible in CWORK EDITOR.

A mobile application

CWORK APP is a new mobile application.

CWORK APP is available on Android or IOS .

Want to discover CWORK APP ?

A demonstration is available in the application.

You can test it.