Keywords: CWork, DNC, Monitoring, Resellers, Mexico

Date: June 29, 2022

Editor: Jérémy PETER

SIDISA is an SMCOM SOFTWARE reseller since 2018. It has been working for 20 years in the implementation of CFAO software. Located in Mexico in Querétaro, it helps many manufacturing companies in various sectors of activity (communications, aeronautics, transport, moulds, general machining, etc.).

SIDISA implements 3 high-tech software:


CWork DNC is a communication software for machine tools allowing the transfer of your machining programs to your digital controls. It is specifically designed for program management and traceability. it is used in the sectors: Military, Aerospace, Medical, Watchmaking, General Mechanics.....

CWork PROD is a machine state feedback software for visualizing the production times of a machine tool. You have the opportunity to create productivity reports in your own image, highlighting the performance indicators (TRS, TRG, TRE…) that are really useful to you.


ESPRIT is the intelligent manufacturing solution for all types of machining, thanks to manufacturer-certified post-processors that generate optimized ISO code, and ESPRIT’s ability to solve new challenges with its automation solutions through the API software.


SWANSOFT is a platform that allows you to virtually simulate different panels and CNC controls. To achieve more effective training in understanding the management and programming of CNC machines.

In addition to the implementation of the software with CNC machines, SIDISA is also involved in the development of custom post-processors and support. In this context, the SIDISA team produced a presentation video of CWork PROD.


In this video, the working principle of CWork Prod is presented. Using Fanuc’s CNC GUIDE software, each machine state has been simulated.