CWORK 2021 v9.5

Date : 08 February 2021

The new version of CWORK 2021 v9.5 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here




  • Translation of the error message informing of the absence of the correct version of the .NET framework

  • Deployment of the new version of TeamViewer for remote control


  • In the status history, the status selection bar nowdisplays the CNC concerned.

  • An error message appears to signal the creation of the SIEMENS data collection service.

  • Improvement of the SIEMENS data collection configuration interface.



  • Correction of an anomaly triggering the display of the message of absence of the correct version of the .NET framework, even when the latter is present.


  • Fixed an anomaly causing errors when importing massive files via network import.

  • Fixed an anomaly in the grouping of CNCs leaving a CNC outside a group if the group has its name.

  • Correction of the impossibility of establishing an FTP connection if the number of licenses is lower than the number of machines, even not activated in DNC.


  • Fixed an anomaly in CNetProd related to refreshing navigation buttons.

  • Fixed an anomaly when sending PDF reports via email to workstations using Swiss regional settings.

  • Fixed of a set of anomalies associated with navigation in the state history of a CNC.

  • Fixed of an anomaly preventing the display, in CNetPROD, of a machine with an operation in progress.