CWORK BOARD gives real-time strategic information about the production efficiency of machines in the workshop.

Thanks to its web interface, it will be able to integrate itself on any screen with a web browser. CWORK BOARD can work on all types of media: computer, tablet, smartphone...

For full integration, this CWORK BOARD dashboard relies entirely on the information provided by CWORK API PROD.

Display in the workshop

The simplicity of CWORK BOARD allows immediate readability of the workshop information.

CWORK BOARD adapts to all screen resolutions available on the market.

CWORK BOARD is customisable according to the needs of the user.

Display of Cwork Board from a web page

CWORK BOARD video for monitoring from a web page.

It is now possible to have a supervisory position in web page format for the presentation of CWORK BOARD.

There is no additional cost for a supervisory position in CWORK BOARD format and no limit on the number of pages opened.

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