Cwork 2018 v9.2

Keywords: Cwork, dnc, monitoring, innovation, version

Date: 06 September 2018

Writer: Vivian BOEHLY

The new version of CWORK 2018 v9.2 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here.


New features


  • Newfilters on sending notifications.

Sending on configurable time slots.

Sending on days of the week configurable.

New state duration filter on state change notification


  • Customizable syntax colorization in the program editor.

Ability to create several colorization profiles.

Use regular expressions to handle all cases of string detections.

Selection of the colorization profile by CNC.



  • "MKD" command implemented in our FTP server. For folder creation compatibility from some CNC.
  • Sort on date in the events of the transfer history window.


  • In the production history list mode the size of the duration column is adjusted.



  • The dependency of the communication engines on the CMServer license service is deployed.


  • Multiple certification programs are accessible again if the machines tree is not activated.
  • Multiple sending of programs with concatenation is functional.
  • The size of the document versions is now correctly updated.
  • Renaming the attachments was no longer possible.


  • The restart action of the production history engine works.
  • On the FOCAS MDC protocol the current program variable (PGM_NAME) was not updated when CProd was started.