CWORK 2019 v9.3

Date : 11 January 2019

The new version of CWORK 2019 v9.3 is now available and downloadable on our platform click here.


New features


  • DNC API : Added a resource to send a program directly to the machine from a third party application. (compatible with remote Ethernet protocols only)
  • DNC API : Added a resource allowing the remote removal of a program present on the machine from a third-party application.


  • The machine group structure on the production tracking module is now fully stored in the database.

Allows advanced reporting on machine groups. Existing groups will be automatically migrated during the update (recommended backup)



  • Start-up performance gains thanks to optimized license reading (up to 50% faster on this step)


  • It is now possible to export a document from the context menu of this one in the program management screen.



  • Fixed an error in the inactivation of syntactic colorization of the ISO editor.
  • Fixed an error when closing the search by content screen.
  • Fixed an anomalywhen closing the ISO editor.


  • Corrections of an OPC-UAtag reading problem on servers requesting anonymous authentication.
  • Fixed an error when manually adding a subsequent state to the beginning of the current state.
  • Fixed an error related to updating opening calendars under oracle.