The exhibition of the industries of the futur 2018 in Mulhouse

Date : 21 November 2018

BE 4.0 is a tri-national event with an area of ​​10,000 m² and about 230 exhibitors in the fields of industrial automation, cybersecurity, digitalisation, financing, artificial intelligence, materials, predictive maintenance, robotics-cobotics ...

It's also 50 conferences on the key issues of Industry 4.0, with 3,500 visitors. The purpose of the show is to discover the latest innovations in demonstration.

SMCOM SOFTWARE was present as a provider of solutions for the industry of the future with its software CWORK DNC and CWORK PROD .

The CWORK solution consists of two related solutions:

CWORK DNC allows the transfer and traceability of machining files for machine tools.

CWORK PROD helps you in the supervision and the monitoring of machines in connection with your different software present on your workshop network to improve your production.

"The digital industry is moving very fast and in all directions. That's why we must first train customers to accept new technologies before offering our solutions. We are also working closely with the various engineering schools in the region to prepare them for the tools of tomorrow, "says Franck PIDALA, head of SMCOM SOFTWARE.

CWORK APP avec les liens vers le serveur

Event organized by Alliance industrie du futur, le Grand EST, l’industrie du futur 4.0, la ville de Mulhouse, Mulhouse Alsace agglomération, et le parc expo de Mulhouse.

See you on 19 & 20 November 2019 for the next edition of this show.