An interface for networked machines

CWORK NET DNC is a program transfer module that allows CNC machines with a Window interface to communicate through the Ethernet network with the CWORK DNC software.

CWORK NET DNC is directly installed on the machine tools.


CWORK NET DNC allows the backup and synchronisation of a file or complete directory.

Files or Repertory

CWORK NET DNC enables the synchronisation of a complex machining directory.

CWORK NET DNC enables traceability and program management across the Ethernet network.

CWORK NET DNC is easy to use for operators with a grip after 10 minutes.

CWORK NET DNC on a machine tool

CWORK NET DNC has a setting that allows you to use the function keys of the machine tool.

CWORK NET DNC can be installed on Mazak, Siemens...

CWORK NET DNC logs all transfer events in the CWORK DNC log.


CWORK NET DNC avoids the need to use a touch screen for the transfer functions of the machine tool.

CWORK NET DNC is an easy customer.

CWORK NET DNC much faster than transfers through the RS232. It allows the sending of large files.

CWORK NET DNC allows the operator to see the documents attached, image, plans, machining range...

Set up

CWORK NET DNC adapts and adjusts according to the machine interface.

CWORK NET DNC works with machine tools connected to the Ethernet network of the type:





- OKUMA ...

and all machines with an Ethernet connection with Windows accessible from the machine tool control panel.