CWORK EDITOR is a module of CWORK DNC.

It is designed to simplify the visualisation of your programs in multi-channels.

CWORK EDITOR allows you to view up to 5 synchronised channels simultaneously.

CWORK EDITOR can be used with a file containing multiple channels or a file for each channel.

CWORK EDITOR is fully configurable and compatible with all Multi Channel programs.

CWORK EDITOR can be integrated into CWORK DNC and thus benefit from all the protection in terms of file access rights as well as real-time modification of your programs and benefit from version tracking.

CWORK EDITOR is able to parameterise CWORK DNC in order to open a second editor, either ISO or MAZATROL, or an FAO installed at the customer.

It has a list of modifiable and scalable presets that makes it easy to configure.

CWORK EDITOR has an editable and scalable library list that makes it easy to configure.