Software module

CWORK NET PROD is a module software.

It is installed on machine tools with a Windows interface or directly on a PC panel.

CWORK NET PROD allows operators to declare manual states.

CWORK NET PROD allows to declare Manufacturing Orders.

CWORK NET PROD dialogs directly on the Ethernet network (via a secure and proprietary protocol).

CWORK NET PROD behaves like a client in dialogue with the CWORK DNC workshop server software and CWORK PROD.

Change of machine states

Machine islands

CWORK NET PROD can be used on a machine tool island, since you have the possibility of controlling several machine tools.

CWORK NET PROD displays the selection window when the software is started.

CWORK NET PROD can run on a machine tool or on a computer in the shop.

It is possible with CWORK NET PROD to choose a machine tool by:

-clicking the button,

-using the [next] and [previous] buttons

- with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Home screen

The home screen is accessible directly after choosing a machine tool.

CWORK NET PROD provides a summary of the real-time activity of this machine.

CWORK NET PROD displays the current machine, the current state, the Manufacturing Order, Current Operation.

If the state changes on one post CWORK NET PROD or CWORK PROD server software so everything the CWORK NET PROD will be notified of the change.

CWORK NET PROD gives instant visibility on the real time of the machine tool information.

Change of states

This section allows you to change the status of common machine tools.

It is possible to specify a comment for each state change.

You can choose a state by:

- clicking on the button on the touch screen

- browsing with the Next Previous keys

- with the arrow keys on the keyboard.


Management of manufacturinfs orders and operations

The Manufacturing Orders Management Module and Production Orders in CWORK PROD allows you to list all Production Orders active and linked to your current machine.

Once you have selected a Production Order you will be able to see all the information related to this PO. Also from this window it is possible to trigger a start, a pause or an end on the selected PO.


Chronology display

CWORK NET PROD displays the chronology of the events of the current day but also of the previous days.