Mobile application

CWORK APP is a new mobile application for Android or IOS.

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A demonstration is disponible in the application.

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State of machines

CWORK APP allows you to view the current state of your workshop in real time from your mobile.

CWORK APP allows you to instantly see the current state of the machine (setting, production, failure ...), its duration, as well as the productivity rate and the current Manufacturing Order.

Visualisation in real time

With CWORK APP, you can view the productivity indicators of your machines in real time:

Its SRR (Synthetic Rate of Return)

Its quality

Its performance

Its availability

Its operation time or non-operation time

Search machines

From CWORK APP it is possible to sort your machines by workshops.

With CWORK APP look for the machine simply by its name.


The use of CWORK APP requires the option API PROD.


CWORK APP allows the supervision of your machines in connection with CWORK PROD

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