Reach your productivity potential with CWORK PROD

You already know CWORK for its machining program transfer functions, but did you know that with the same software, you can measure the activity and performance of your production tool?


CWORK PROD is a software of machine state reports allowing to visualise the production times of a machine tool.

Recovery of operating status

By combining the automatic state reports of your machine tools and the manual entry of the reports by operators, CWORK PROD monitors your company's production in an optimum way.

With CWORK PROD, it is now possible to recover operating states without hardware, communicating directly with your machines thanks to their communication protocols (example FOCAS, MT CONNECT,...).

CWORK PROD allows the recovery of the operating states of your machine tool in real time.

Notification in real time by e-mail or SMS

A breakdown, a stop that's too long, raw material that does not arrive?

Be instantly informed with our real-time notification system.

Whether by SMS, e-mail or directly in the CWORK PROD software, do not miss any important information.

Production monitoring

Combined with working condition recovery, manufacturing tracking allows you to effectively track the progress of your manufacturing orders through all of your workshops.

Do you already have a tracking system with your ERP? No problem, we have a wide choice of bidirectional connectors to stay in accordance with your working method.

Highlight important information

Retrieving information is good, organizing them to get in shape is better!

With CWORK PROD you have the possibility to create productivity reports in your image, highlighting the performance indicators (OEE, GEE, TEEP...) that are really useful to you.

Monitor workshop productivity in real-time

With our CWORK BOARD dashboard, you have the ability to track in real time the productivity of your business.

Fancy a fully customised interface? Use the new CWORK PROD API and design a dashboard that is perfect for your company.

Performance indicators

The productivity rates and times such as OEE, GEE, TEEP, quality rate, outage times are now directly available in CWORK PROD from the machine status history.

Statuses List

In CWORK PROD the list of states is fully configurable.

The user can create unlimited states and sub-states.

Machine calendar

A machine calendar is available with pre-configurations of production day.

A calendar creation wizard allows quick and easy configuration.

Visualisation of the machined program as well as the manufacturing order number.

Machine tools in Ethernet network

Manual status reports can be made from the interface CWORK PROD on a computer or from the machine tool if it has a Windows interface accessible with CWORK NET PROD.

CWORK PROD is fully compatible with CWORK NET PROD the module for networked machines.

Managing Production Orders

The management of production orders and operations is available in CWORK PROD.

It is possible to change a production order from the software interface or from a supervisory client workstation or directly from a numerical control with a Window interface with CWORK NET PROD.

Scheduling of operating times

Management of the planning of operating times is possible in the CWORK PROD software

Module to export data to Excel to allow the client to exploit the data very simply through macros.

It is possible to set the export in real time for writing files which will then be integrated into SAP or any other software on the network.

Graphic presentation

Cumulative and graphical representations of states in relation to a time base (selection of a day, a week, a rolling week, a month, a year or a custom period).

Changes between states.

The mobile application

CWORK APP is a new mobile application.

CWORK APP is available on Android or IOS .

Want to discover CWORK APP ?

A demonstration is available in the application.

You can test it.